About Us

Find yourself in good company.

Our members are:
C suite, VP, presidents, managing partners, entrepreneurs, doctors, attorneys, real estate and investment brokers, investment bankers 

ABOUT our name

The Essenessë were an elite class of scholars, guardians of knowledge, keepers of truth, leaders of integrity.

Believing in the power of their thoughts and actions upon the collective conscience of the universe, they were a generative force for the greater good.

Essenessë, turned feminine and symbolic of the regenerative & restorative power of coming together, filling ourselves up so we can go back into the world and create impact.

ABOUT our founder

As Hilary grew her company to unimaginable success, she found herself isolated and lonely at the top. Facing daily million dollar decisions, million dollar challenges & million dollar celebrations made it difficult to relate and connect with the women in her life.

In 2022, she turned 50 and took a 6 month sabbatical from her 8 figure company and realized she had been experiencing burnout, which had been eclipsed by the thrill and excitement of such massive success.

And meanwhile the company she built over 5 years was a thriving, living alliance and community of top tier professional women experiencing with each other, exactly what she had been missing herself.

Thus, Essenessë is conceived.


Stacey Larson

Managing partner Essenessë
Foster Momentum Founder

Sarah Silva

1st Vice President
Financial Advisor
Falcon Legacy Group at Morgan Stanley

Stacey Danheiser

Founder & CMO
Shake Marketing

Jessica Lynn

CEO & Founder
Jessica Lynn Design