An Exclusive Membership
Where Women Reign

An exclusive membership container with a COUNTRY CLUB VIBE…

That catalyzes authentic, meaningful personal connection,

And provides the ultimate incubator for partnerships, collaborations &growth opportunities

among industry leading businesses & brands. 

For women driven by a deep desire to create legendary wealth, for themselves AND for their favorite founder friends too. 


We Are Essenessë.

The Creators. The Founders. The Visionaries. The Inspirators. The Icons.

When Essenessë women gather, world-changing magic happens.

Celebrate Ambition, Wealth And Success 

Engage in Paradigm Shifting Conversations 

Establish Meaningful Authentic Connections 

Forge Powerful Deals And Partnerships 

Indulge In Luxurious Retreats & Experiences 

Our Founder and Chief Provocateur curates community, conversation and connections suited only for the most incredibly gifted women of our time.

Our members are privy to the most expansive and galvanizing experiences on the planet.
This is not a space for small talk or surface level relationships.
This is a home and sanctuary for deep connection and collectively creating new paradigms for all women.

Essenessë is for dreamers, doers and driven entrepreneurs from across multiple industries who desire to be IN THE ROOM with others who are equally extraordinary. 



We Are Essenessë

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