July Essenessë Conversation

Perfectionism & The High Achiever

You are here on this page, because one of our fabulous members identified you as a truly remarkable woman. 

And we agree!

This is your one-time personal invitation to attend our exclusive Member follow-up Q & A Coaching Call from our July Essenessë Conversation.


Find yourself in good company.


We are gathering the world’s most remarkable female founders, entrepreneurs and experienced business leaders to revolutionize the way women lead and live.

Continue achieving unprecedented levels of wealth, success and impact without sacrificing your personal life, relationships or well being.


Men have always enjoyed their ‘men-only’ country clubs… It’s time successful business women have a powerful group of allies and partners.

A place where we too, can forge friendships, enjoy the good life, do deals behind closed doors and be a force for the greater good. 

Your annual membership includes:

Essenessë Conversations
Private invitation to monthly interview-style conversations with industry leading experts that entertain, educate and inspire personal and professional growth on a variety of topics not found in other business circles. Examples of topics: Boundaries for Industry Leading Business Women, Masculine & Feminine Energy For Women Leaders and Lovers, Friendship & The High Achieving Woman, Imposter Syndrome When Starting Something New, Perfectionism and so much more.

Personal & Professional Coaching
Our founder is a highly sought after, world-renown mastermind and global authority on the psychology of success. The tone and ethos of our community is infused with guidance, lessons and direction on how to be your best self and live your best life.

Opportunity Incubator
Grow your network, your rolodex, your circle of influence and gain new business besties. Find your next job opportunity, fill your next job opening, forge your next partnership or collaboration or find funding and investment opportunities. Search for members in our member directory by location, industry or interest.

On Demand Content & Workshops
Access to our ever-growing library of cutting-edge programs, workshops, masterclasses and resources that promote personal and professional learning & growth at the highest level. Content provided by industry leading subject matter experts as well as our own topic-expert members.

Digital Community
Proximity and access to our highly engaged member community. Engage with other members in our online member hub. Start discussions, seek input, support, feedback, resources or advice and share your wins with our wise members who want the best for you. 

In-Person Community & Events
Invitations to all of our in-person experiences, which includes our bespoke Essenessë hosted retreats and as we grow, monthly in-person member dinners and access to exclusive member-only clubs.

A note from our founder!

Hey gorgeous woman!

I see you…

You’re a super busy, high-achieving leader in your company or your own business!

You also go home and are the glue of your family and maybe in your friend group or community.

Life is full and busy… You pride yourself in doing it all and having it all!

YET, continuing to operate in this state of DOING, without nurturing your state of BEING will eventually burn you out.

You don’t come last in your life—you come FIRST!

To change the paradigm for how women are showing up and to next level the results we are experiencing in work and our personal lives, it is up to US to change it.

And it starts here.

Making ourselves a priority.
Making our well-being a priority.

Investing in ourselves!

Essenessë is for the driven, ambitious woman who loves her work- AND who desires a high value, premium lifestyle and who won’t settle for less.

We simply need the reminders, the tools and the encouragement of other women like us- to stay committed to ourselves and what matters most.

Grow your network, your business, your bottom line, your SELF, personally and professionally- all in one place, with one single investment….

Here with me, your champion, your guide and mastermind…

And, with an alliance of your peers who are equally committed to living their best life.