We are of a different breed and of a new depth.

A Name Rooted In History...

Guardians of Knowledge
Keepers of Truth
Leaders of Integrity
Generative force for the greater good

The Essenes were all this, and more.

With a history rooted in spirituality, guardianship and devotion, this secret society set themselves apart by committing to a code of exquisite honor, virtue and loyalty.

This Is The Essence Of Essenessë

Sovereign Strength
Unbreakable Bonds
Impeccably High Standards

A secret, sacred space for prolific creation.
An exclusive haven for the unabashedly enterprising.
An inner sanctum for the self-appointed disruptors and non-conformists.
A place where it is expected to want it all. To have it all. To be it all.
A home for authentic and acutely satisfying camaraderie.
An intentionally cultivated and curated private society and ‘country club’ for female founders, creators and entrepreneurs…

United by our drive, determination and ambition…
Unified by our desire for more authentic, meaningful personal connection.