The only lifestyle-inspired private membership community supporting and connecting elite female founders, entrepreneurs & business leaders.

Bringing together the world's most remarkable growth minded business women to revolutionize the way women lead and live.

We are the visionaries, the leaders, the trail blazers, the inspirators and the icons!

We lean into all things unfamiliar and provocative to catalyze & forge new paradigms for women leaders!

We fiercely support one another, unapologetically prioritize ourselves and boldly stake claim in all we desire.

Join our meticulously curated network & alliance of women business leaders who seek belonging, support, connection & an elevated lifestyle.

Achieve unprecedented wealth, success & impact, without sacrificing your well-being, relationships or personal life.

The answer to the unique challenges of women business leaders today.

Our membership focuses on 3 foundational pillars:


A holistic approach focusing on professional AND personal growth to support the WHOLE woman.


Proximity and access to the most remarkable and dynamic business leaders on the planet for camaraderie, support, friendship & fun.


This is THE room you want to be in, the table where you want a seat; where women are doing deals behind closed doors. Find your next partnership, collaboration, venture, referral or position. 

Living Library

A growing library of cutting-edge programs, workshops and resources that promote learning & growth at the highest level.

Essenessë Conversations

We host interview-style conversations with industry leading experts that entertain, educate and inspire our personal and professional growth on a variety of topics not found in other business circles.

Member Forums

Small interest-based breakout groups for deeper discussion, advice and resourcing to help accelerate your growth and success. 

Member Spotlight

Member features to showcase their business, expertise and talents- both personal and professional. Being seen is critical for creating connection and creating opportunities for partnerships, collaborations, referrals, investments and deals.

Digital Community

Proximity and access to our highly engaged community for conversation, advice, support, feedback, crowdsourcing & opportunities. Search our members in our directory by location, industry or interest. 

In Person Community

Our in-person experiences include bespoke Essenessë hosted in-person retreats and as we grow, including in-person member dinners and access to exclusive member-only clubs.

Imagine belonging to a movement that...

Disrupts the status quo for women & wealth 

 Forges new frontiers for women & power

 Creates bold new paradigms for feminine leadership

 Transforms the way women do business

 Revolutionizes the concept of business networking

 Alters the landscape of women’s relationships

In their own words...

what women have to say about
Essenessë founder, Hilary Silver.

Programming, Masterclasses & Conversations

Expand your skillset, mindset, knowledge and awareness

Learn from member-experts & outside experts on topics that enhance your personal and professional life.

Engage in life-enriching guided discussions and conversations (on topics not had in other business circles) with other smart women who ‘get it.’

Access our ever-evolving library of online tools, classes and resources.

No subject is off limits or too taboo – the edgier and more thought-provoking- the better!

“Women in community combat burnout.”

Ariana Huffington


Find your new founder friends, business besties and soul sisters

Expand your professional network and make valuable connections with others in your industry and beyond.

Tap into the gold mine of wisdom, resources and experiences from the collective brain trust of our members.

Seek (& give) encouragement, advice, empathy & celebration from others who share your desires, challenges and wins!

Renew, recharge, refuel and relax together at our annual bespoke luxury retreat hosted by Essenessë.

“There are few things as satisfying as being a part of a circle of women… and knowing that you have an empowering, encouraging bunch who have your back.”



Gain proximity & access to other industry-leading women innovators.

Create partnerships, collabs, referrals, joint ventures & investment opportunities

Showcase your business, your expertise and your ‘being’ on our member spotlight and features.

Search our member directory by industry or location to find your local Essenessë ladies.

“Women need a seat at the table… where this is not available, they need to create their own table.”

Megan Markle