A Coaching + Community Mastermind
For Supremely Successful Women.

Bringing together the world’s most growth-minded and influential professional women to revolutionize the way women lead & live.

We are the visionaries, the leaders & the trail blazers paving the way for those who follow.

We lean into all things unfamiliar and provocative to catalyze & forge new paradigms for women leaders!

We fiercely support one another, unapologetically prioritize ourselves and boldly stake claim in all we desire.

In their own words...

What women have to say about
Essenessë & our founder, Hilary Silver.

Our membership focuses on 3 foundational pillars:


Leverage experts who understand the unique challenges successful women face. Experience an holistic approach focusing on professional AND personal development to support the WHOLE woman & help you unleash your full potential.


Forge relationships with other high-achieving women who are committed to uplifting one another. Harness the collective wisdom of our highly experienced community, gain insights and feel supported by those who know what it’s like at the top.


Network with other decision makers and innovators across diverse industries. Put yourself in the room where lucrative deals are being done, partnerships are being forged and opportunities are abound- by women-owned or women-led businesses! 

Join The Movement That...

Disrupts the status quo for women & wealth 

 Forges new frontiers for women & power

 Creates bold new paradigms for feminine leadership

 Transforms the way women do business

 Revolutionizes the concept of business networking

 Alters the landscape of women’s relationships